"Following recent events in the Broken Isles, a link has been created between Azeroth and Kil'jaeden's homeworld of Argus, bringing the Burning Legion closer than ever to destroying Azeroth. In order to stop them once and for all, Illidan and Velen are taking the war directly to the surface of Argus, where they hope to join forces with Alleria, Turalyon, and the Army of the Light to launch an all-out assault on the Legion's primary base of operations.

Project Date: Sept 1, 2017
Event: Warcraft 7.3 Patch Event at Pax West 2017

Alleria Windrunner & High Exarch Turalyon from World of Warcraft were created for Blizzard Entertainment and the Legion - Shadows of Argus patch 7.3 launch event at PAX West 2017. Our team brought this iconic Warcraft duo to life creating an immersive and engaging experience between the audience and our clients brand. In addition to community interactions throughout the weekend at PAX; we created branded content at the show and an offsite location, to be distributed on social media channels.

The costumes were created using a variety of traditional methods and digital, ranging from hand sculpting the armor and sewing custom dyed linens and leathers, to digital patterning and 3D modelling & printing. From translucent, illuminated gems, hand fabricated chain-mail, to Warcraft stylized paint jobs - thought was put into bringing each and every detail to life.


Content Creation

  • Location Photoshoot
  • Project 'Making of' Video
  • Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Video
  • Optimized Content for Social Media

Character Creation

  • Costume Design & Fabrication
  • Model Casting
  • Event Logistics & Coordination



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