As the new Doomfist, Ogundimu rose high in Talon and helped to orchestrate a conflict that the organization hoped would someday engulf the world.

Project Date: July, 2017
Events: San Diego Comic Con 2017
             Overwatch World Cup 2017- Sydney Qualifier
             Gamescon 2017
             Blizzcon 2017

Doomfist from Overwatch was created for Blizzard Entertainment for the new characters release.  Our team created two full Doomfist costumes for the simultaneous appearance of  Doomfist at San Diego Comic Con and the Overwatch World Cup 2017- Sydney Qualifier.    In addition to community interaction at numerous events; we created branded content to be distributed on social media channels.

To bring Doomfist to life our team used a mixture of traditional and digital methods to merge the robotic and organic elements of the costumes.  The techniques used included batik dying, life casting, hand sculpting and 3D modeling & printing.  Our team molded and cast close to one hundred pieces per costume, from the individual fingers of the fist to the red cybernetic elements on his skin.  


Content Creation

  • Location Photoshoot
  • Project 'Making of' Video
  • Optimized Content for Social Media

Character Activation

  • Costume Design & Fabrication
  • Model Casting
  • Event Logistics & Coordination

Project Making of

Henchmen Studios is an internationally acclaimed Entertainment Design & Build studio located in Toronto, Canada. Deploying a wide range of skills, processes, and technologies in the creation of specialty props and costumes (and more), the team at Henchmen is dedicated to authentically bringing characters, worlds, and stories to life.