Overwatch Presents: Jordan Duncan's Hero Story / by Gillian Owen

I'm beyond flattered by this feature Overwatch created of the hard work our team at Henchmen invests into these projects, and also my journey with Blizzard & Overwatch as well. As a lifelong Blizz disciple & avid Overwatch supporter since its announcement, this is truly the biggest honor I could ever imagine, and I am beyond humbled by the OW team's effort and support.

I cannot fully express my appreciation and gratitude, but thank you so much to the Dev team for creating such an amazing game and a beautiful, inclusive world with dynamic & inviting characters; and for fostering such an incredible community for fans, artists, and creators. Blizzard has been a part of my life for as long as a can remember, and I am so happy knowing it will continue to be for the rest of my days. You have built into my life for over two decades, and I joyously look forward to the day I can share your stories with my own family and children. 

Humbly yours,
Jordan Duncan