Bringing Doomfist to life for SDCC 2017 by Jordan Duncan

Debuted on stage at Gamescom 2017, this video takes a look behind the scenes at the creation process that went into bringing Doomfist to life. A big thanks to the Overwatch and Blizzard teams for the opportunity and amazing experience of bringing another epic hero to life!

NieR:Automata's 2B: Behind the Scenes by Jordan Duncan

Tasked by Square Enix to bring NieR: Automata's protagonist '2B' to life, Henchmen pulls back the curtain on the entire project; from Construction to hitting the PAX East 2017 show floor. Modeled and brought to life by cosplayer Amethyst Leon, 2B's entire costume + props were designed & fabrication by the team at Henchmen Studios.

Nova's C-20A Rifle: Making of by Jordan Duncan

We decided to dust off some old molds, and are building a new C-20A Gauss rifle to hang on the wall! Huge thanks to Bill & Britt at Punished Props for sending us the barrel we used as a master for this rifle - endlessly thankful for all their support!

Overwatch's Sombra: Project Q&A by Jordan Duncan

Right after Blizzcon part the Henchmen Props team that worked on Sombra did a live Q&A on Facebook, talking all things involving our favorite hacker! Check out our full Sombra Blizzcon & BTS video: