Making the MOIRA COSPLAY for OVERWATCH at Blizzcon! by Gillian Owen

At Blizzcon we had the opportunity to be a part of the latest Overwatch character reveal, and bring Moira to life in truly epic fashion! Blizzcon is such a special time, it's incredible to be in such an amazing and passionate community - it truly was the greatest honor to see how Moira was received!

ig thanks to the Overwatch team, and the opportunities to be a part of incredible projects like this - it truly means the world to us!

Overwatch Presents: Jordan Duncan's Hero Story by Gillian Owen

I'm beyond flattered by this feature Overwatch created of the hard work our team at Henchmen invests into these projects, and also my journey with Blizzard & Overwatch as well. As a lifelong Blizz disciple & avid Overwatch supporter since its announcement, this is truly the biggest honor I could ever imagine, and I am beyond humbled by the OW team's effort and support.

I cannot fully express my appreciation and gratitude, but thank you so much to the Dev team for creating such an amazing game and a beautiful, inclusive world with dynamic & inviting characters; and for fostering such an incredible community for fans, artists, and creators. Blizzard has been a part of my life for as long as a can remember, and I am so happy knowing it will continue to be for the rest of my days. You have built into my life for over two decades, and I joyously look forward to the day I can share your stories with my own family and children. 

Humbly yours,
Jordan Duncan

Bringing Doomfist to life for SDCC 2017 by Jordan Duncan

Debuted on stage at Gamescom 2017, this video takes a look behind the scenes at the creation process that went into bringing Doomfist to life. A big thanks to the Overwatch and Blizzard teams for the opportunity and amazing experience of bringing another epic hero to life!

NieR:Automata's 2B: Behind the Scenes by Jordan Duncan

Tasked by Square Enix to bring NieR: Automata's protagonist '2B' to life, Henchmen pulls back the curtain on the entire project; from Construction to hitting the PAX East 2017 show floor. Modeled and brought to life by cosplayer Amethyst Leon, 2B's entire costume + props were designed & fabrication by the team at Henchmen Studios.

Nova's C-20A Rifle: Making of by Jordan Duncan

We decided to dust off some old molds, and are building a new C-20A Gauss rifle to hang on the wall! Huge thanks to Bill & Britt at Punished Props for sending us the barrel we used as a master for this rifle - endlessly thankful for all their support!

Overwatch's Sombra: Project Q&A by Jordan Duncan

Right after Blizzcon part the Henchmen Props team that worked on Sombra did a live Q&A on Facebook, talking all things involving our favorite hacker! Check out our full Sombra Blizzcon & BTS video: