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Welcome to the last safe City on Earth -- the only place the Traveler can still protect. It took centuries to build. Now... we're counting every day it stands.”

Project Date: September, 2017

The Destiny 2 Warlock and Hunter costumes were created for Activision Australia for use at various events.  The costumes were created using various techniques such as laser cutting, 3D modeling, custom painted fabrics and hand sculpting.  Both costumes made use of various sewing techniques such as quilting and applique to build detail into the various layers. We created branded content featuring the costumes, which was distributed on various social media channels. 


Content Creation

  • Location Photoshoot
  • Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Video
  • Optimized Content for Social Media

Character Activation

  • Costume Design & Fabrication

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Henchmen Studios is an internationally acclaimed Entertainment Design & Build studio located in Toronto, Canada. Deploying a wide range of skills, processes, and technologies in the creation of specialty props and costumes (and more), the team at Henchmen is dedicated to authentically bringing characters, worlds, and stories to life.