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Project Date: November, 2017

Our team created Reinhardt and Ana costume accessories and set decorations for Buzzfeed Tasty's sponsored Overwatch recipes.  The pieces were created using a mixture of 3D modeling & printing, custom sewn elements, and hand engraving. 

For Reinhardt's Smoked Sausage Tots our team created Reinhardt's Knife, Overwatch Coin and Engraved Cutting Board.  Reinhardt's knife is even outfitted with a real metal knife blade to chop and dice ingredients to perfection.

For Ana's Chocolate Mint Glacier Cookies our team created Ana's gloves, Sleep Dart and Teacup.  Ana gloves were custom made and detailed with quilted line-work.  We even made a perfect replica of Ana's teacup, the perfect tea time accessory.


Character Activation

  • Costume Design & Fabrication
  • Set Decoration Accessories